Welcome to the BSH Heart Failure Care Pathway!

This heart failure pathway has been developed by the British Society for Heart Failure (BSH) in conjunction with heart failure specialists and other clinical experts. Its development has been facilitated by Stephen Callaghan (EQE Health) and the digital pathway created by Prof Alan Gillies (Alan Gillies Learning Consultancy).

The BSH would like to acknowledge and thank all the contributors who have provided their expertise, time and commitment to the development of this pathway.

This pathway has been partly sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim (BI). BI have had no influence over the contents of the pathway.

Specialist heart failure cardiologists

Lavanya Athithanan, James Brown, Patricia Campbell, Simon Duckett, Carla Plymen, Sue Piper, Rajiv Sankaranarayanan.

Specialist heart failure nurses

Carys Barton, Teresa Durston, Yvonne Millerick, Teresa O’Nwere-Tan, Delyth Ruccarean, Silapiya Smith.

Specialist heart failure pharmacists

Jo Bateman, Janine Breezer, Clare Thompson.

Primary care heart failure specialists and leads

Kevin Allen, Deb Das, Jim Moore, Clare Taylor, Raj Thakkar.

Palliative Care specialists

Yvonne Millerick, Clea Atkinson, Julie Bellieu.

Additional clinical experts

Asangaedem Akpan (Geriatrics and Frailty), Andrew Frankel (Renal), John Sharp (Psychology).

Business Intelligence

Sarah-Jane Knight.

The BSH would also like to thank those organisations who granted permission to link to patient education (Pumping Marvellous, British Heart Foundation, Cardiomyopathy UK and Heart Failure Matters), and professional resources (Oxford Academic Health Science Network, E-Learning for Healthcare) and for the use of wording and charts from current heart failure guidelines (ESC 2021).

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