Meaningful Conversation

Meaningful Conversation


Meaningful Conversation underpins all core components of the supportive cardiac and palliative care approach.

Seamless cross boundary communication between different professionals is essential for peer support, cohesive working and for the provision of high quality cardiac supportive palliative care for patients and families.

Communication methods can vary from verbal, written (email, letter, key information summaries), joint clinical shadowing, remote or formal face to face Multi-Disciplinary Team forums.

Meaningful conversation between a professional and patient should be naturally occurring and should ideally begin at diagnosis and continue onwards.

Key Message: Professionals may require peer support with the assessment and management of complex unmet patient needs. Specialist and generalist palliative care providers can have a key role in supporting cardiac professionals to develop confidence and competence during informal clinical shadowing, joint visits or during MDT discussions on a patient-by-patient basis. Equally, cardiac professionals can provide invaluable cardiac specific support and knowledge to specialist and generalist palliative care professionals.

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