Screening tools and processes

Screening tools and processes


There are several artificial intelligence/machine learning/digital tools to support primary care to help identify someone with probable heart failure. These tools can search and link heart failure symptoms, investigations, previous diagnosis and prescriptions together to identify someone who you may want to consider a clinical review.

NOTE: Some of these tools are free and some incur a charge. As these are commercial companies that operate the screening tools, The British Society for Heart Failure remains neutral and therefore does not endorse any commercial products.

In non-heart failure, cardiovascular and other long-term conditions, the addition of questions around heart failure symptoms (breathlessness/exercise tolerance, PND, orthopnoea and fluid retention) may help identify people with heart failure at and earlier stage as well as searching for previous coding may help i.e.

  • NYHA Classification;
  • Nicor ICD codes; and
  • SNOMED-CT codes.

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