Settings and opportunities to detect heart failure

Settings and opportunities to detect heart failure



Heart failure shares symptoms with a variety of other conditions and as such there is an opportunity to increase awareness, provide education and upskilling in your setting

Settings for detecting symptomatic patients

  • Primary care
  • Community services (e.g. community matrons, district nurses, community COPD/diabetes etc)
  • Emergency Department
  • Secondary care specialities
  • Patients attending cardiac investigations (if not already known as heart failure, ensure systems are in place for appropriate referral)

Opportunities for detecting symptomatic patients

  • Annual health review/QOF – (consider prioritising patients with established disease; e.g. hypertension, diabetes, CKD, COPD, AF, thyroid disease)
  • Care of frailty review (MDT review)
  • Pharmacy/medicine review – for patients with polypharmacy and frailty consider a clinical review
  • Specific case finding for undetected heart failure
  • Acute admission to hospital - consider where appropriate, heart failure as a differential diagnosis

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